The Lord of the Rings Books in order

The Lord of the Rings Books in order – A Legend review

Over one thousand pages in length, filled with poetry and imaginary languages that can not be translated into conventional languages (people even go to the extent to learn it), laced with intense scenes and feelings, the Lord of the Rings book order is the achievement that is really outstanding of the 20th literature. It has incorporated the 1960s culture with the emblematic characteristics, posters that read “Frodo Lives”. By itself, The Lord of the Rings Books in order changed totally how fantasy novels should be. In fact, most of the fantasy books on the bookstore shelf today is influenced by The Lord of the Rings Books in order. Peter Jackson has adapted The Lord of the Rings Books in order into the most successful film franchises with countless academy awards. The Lord of the Rings Books in order was published in 1945 and 1955. Though it is not as competitive academically as other literary books, the impact it has made on the whole literature history is immense. Why? Among many theories, probably the best one is that it can engender the strongest emotions in its readers.

The first book of the The Lord of the Rings Books in order is “The The Lord of the Rings BooksFellowship of the Ring”, in which the story begins in the hobbit Frodo lives – the Shire. He did not know about the rings’ power until Gandaft the Grey tells him so. Frodo and his friends leave the Old Forest and reach for the Bree. After many wounds and escapes, Frodo is helped by the Elrond of Rivendell. Here they decide that the ring is to be destroyed by sending it to the Mordor. Frodo, our hero takes this task upon himself. It is then that the company of the ring is formed, with Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, and Boromir. To go to Mordor, they must go through the Misty Mountains, but it was impossible. Therefore, they go through the Mines of Moria instead. This journey costs the team Gandalf. At the end of the book, the company scattered, and Frodo thinks that it is better if he goes alone. However, Sam was able to guess his mind, so the two of them go together.

The second book of the The Lord of the Rings Books in order is “The Two Towers”. In this book, Frodo finds himself in Rivendell, as well as his friends. As the Council of Elrond is held, people tell Frodo stories of themselves that are one way or another related to Sauron. It is also revealed that the ring can be used by Sauron only, for normal people it will turn them into invisible, makes them thirsty for power. In conclusion, it only does evil.

The third book of the The Lord of the Rings Books in order ends with Frodo and Bilbo bearing the rings. The three hobbits are back to the Shire, and the fourth age of middle earth begins.

The sheer magnificence of the language of Tolkien, his passion to describe his own world, the beauty of the poetry,all of that makes The Lord of the Rings Books in order a must read the book of all time.

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