A game of thrones books in order

A game of thrones books in order – the modern fantasy

A game of thrones books in order is an epic fantasy that took place in the Land of Westeros and Essos in 289 AC. A special thing about A game of thrones books in order is that its narrator is omnipresent, which means the story is presented from 9 points of views altogether. The novel’s mood is frightening yet tragic, with violence as frequent features.

For your comprehension, A game of thrones books in order is just like the lord of the rings with a more adult content. If your intention of reading this book is to find a relaxed good time, then we encourage that your reconsider your choice. The book is fantasy indeed, but it is so real that it captivates you into its world, and many readers have been unable to escape.

A game of thrones books

A game of thrones books in order is the first book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Even though it is a fantasy, the events in the book is very much identical to that happens in our world: civil wars, characters with humane personality and get killed off very often (what you do not normally see in other novels, where no matter what happens, the main characters always stay alive). The people in this Westeros world worry about their pollution and infection, and the financial debts.

In 2011, A game of thrones books in order was adapted into a TV series and become an instant megahit. As the A game of thrones books in order was not popular when it came out, the TV series boost its fame and make it into a best seller of all time.

As an adult, you may find that your time for fantasy has ended, because you do not have the concern of fighting a dragon every day, you fight your boss everyday. But hold your horse, A game of thrones books in order do offer you the stories about growing up, people changing in a relationship, the difficulty of an adult still lives with his parents, how people make friends and enemies. Just like us, the characters want to think of themselves as good people, but their inner conflicts and the world’s influences slap their faces.

Characters in A game of thrones books in order have to make decisions in their life, where one trait will redeem another. For example, they must choose between love and honor, between duty and the realm. With no magical fairies show up to help them, the characters have to make inconsistent decisions, which leaves them with grief and regrets. Family, duty, honor, they can choose only one, unlike the privilege of other characters in fantasy novels.

With A game of thrones books in order, you can enjoy some fantasy, while still have space to think about your real life. It is highly recommended by the critics and readers alike.

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