Valley of Decision by Lynne Gentry

Valley of Decision by Lynne Gentry – Review


Every choice has a consequence in the explosive finish to the Carthage Chronicles as Lisbeth returns to third-century Carthage for a thrilling final adventure.

Thirteen years past, Lisbeth made an impossible choice—leave third-century Carthage and her husband Cyprian behind for good. She understood it was to protect her daughter Maggie, so Lisbeth collected the strength to go forward with her life.

All these years, Lisbeth has thrown herself into her work and raising her headstrong daughter, all to live up to the promise she made to Cyprian. But Maggie is sick of being shielded. Within an act of adolescent rebellion Maggie decides to do what her mom can’t—secretly returning to the third century on a quest to bring her father back, leaving Lisbeth no choice but to follow.

With Maggie’s surprise arrival in Carthage, madness ensues. She locates her grandma on trial for homicide and attempts to save her, but instead the diversion starts a riot that almost ruins the plagued city. Just one thing will appease the wrath of the new proconsul of Carthage: the departure of the instigator.

Will Lisbeth arrive in time to save her daughter in the clutches of Rome? How can God possibly redeem this type of slew of unwise decisions and heavy regrets? Filled with heart-wrenching turns and riveting action, Valley of Decision brings the amorous adventure epic, The Carthage Chronicles, to an electrifying conclusion.


Lisbeth has grown over time between visits to ancient Carthage. So much so she is forgotten her own headstrong, famished search for her lost mother. Just as much as she longs to give Maggie her dad, Lisbeth knows it is for the best that Maggie remain in the present.

Getting a page from Lisbeth’s novel and tumbling right back into the third century Maggie discovers she is been gone only hours their time and over a decade in hers. Maggie’s hunt for her dad, to save his life, results in battles and challenges for all of those that adore her. Maggie’s cell phone and young adult social media mindset causes her a few mishaps. And Barek, the furious teen she left behind wastes no time venting his frustration over his mom‘s departure due to her carelessness.

Illness still rages through town and Christianity is underground. Touching scenes between characters compelled me to complete the story outside. Although there was no possible way for happily ever after, I had to discover the choices the characters would make. Choose life in the modern world, or risk the pestilence, disorders and brutalities of the third century? Finally it was a satisfying and thoughtful read. I definitely recommend it for the fascinating historical glances and the strong writing.


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