The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn by Lori Benton

The Pursuit of Tamsen Little John by Lori Benton – Review


Western North Carolina, 1787 ~ To escape a threatening stepfather and an unwanted union, Tamsen Littlejohn enlists the assistance of Jesse Bird, a frontiersman she barely understands, to spirit her away from Morganton, North Carolina, west beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Trouble pursues, as the two guys intent on seeing her recuperated prove persistent in their search. Trouble awaits in the form of a divided frontier community. Across the mountains the State of Franklin has been declared, yet many settlers remain loyal to North Carolina. Madness reigns, thwarting Tamsen and Jesse’s hurriedly cobbled plan to keep her safe.

With her pursuers ever nearing, the region in chaos, neighbors developed distrustful of her existence, Tamsen’s safety is shortly place in greater jeopardy. Developing the independence she longs for will mean running yet again, to the most improbable refuge imaginable—the Cherokees, a people balanced on the knife edge of war.The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn by Lori Benton

Falling in love was never part of the plan.

Okay. I confess it. I’m a superb jaded reader. It requires a creative storyline, larger than life characters, and some pleasant turns of phrases to even somewhat tickle my reader bone. THE PURSUIT OF TAMSEN LITTLEJOHN not only meets those requirements, it rockets right to the top of my favorite reads list.

And Lori Benton is certainly one of my new favourite authors. I don’t have many faves, people, so this is quite the accomplishment really.

So, let’s get down to the nitty grittiness of why the heck I am making such outrageous claims. I suppose it mainly boils down to how extensively the hero, Jessie Bird, stole my heart right together with the heroines. He’s seriously “da man.” What red-blooded woman wouldn’t swoon for a fella who looks out for her safety, is mild yet tough enough to fight off enemies even when he’s shot and bleeding, and sports a serious six-pack beneath his top. Whew. Might it be hot in here?

Okay, so besides my clear man crush, let us talk plot. In fact, you don’t find out some very significant advice until near the end of the novel. Don’t panic. No spoilers here. Only understand which you‘re in for a genuine treat of a surprise.

In addition , I adore the history lesson woven throughout the story. No dry textbook dates and names, only plenty of accurate activity.

I picked up this title on account of the recommendation of a friend. So here I ‘m, friends, passing that recommendation along. This can be a keeper. Now then, I’m off to purchase every last other title of Lori Benton’s even if it makes my credit card smoke.


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