The Legacy by Dan Walsh's and Gary Smaller

The Legacy by Dan Walsh and Gary Smaller – Review


One young man is about to find the true cost of freedom
For years, Doug Anderson has been floating slowly but steadily away from both his family and his beliefs. His parents have already been trying to reach him before he falls too much. His buddy Christina expects what she’s viewing online is not authentic. But occasionally you must hit bottom before you’re ready to grow up.The Legacy by Dan Walsh's and Gary Smaller

Just as things start to settle down a bit, Doug’s life takes a turn that requires every little bit of faith and patience for both his family and Christina–whose growing feelings for Doug, a guy who writes her off as not worth his time, keep her off balance. Will Doug’s catastrophe eventually clear his vision and help him focus on what he’s right in front of him?
The Legacy tells us about a young man. Having gone off to college, his parents, Marilyn Anderson and Jim, are worried about him, as he appears to be drifting away not only from them, but from the Lord. Overbearing and Jim is trying really hard to not be controlling, but is having trouble giving his relationship with Doug over to the Lord. In the meantime, Doug going to parties, is hanging out with the wrong bunch, and sleeping with his girlfriend. Through a series of occasions, he comes to your point where he has to make a decision on where he stands with his family – and the Lord Will he choose the lusts of the flesh, or them?
This novel was quite great, although I had a bit of a difficult time following it at first as it’s book four in the chain and I haven’t read the other publications. I did enjoy the sub narratives, in addition to it, though. It dealt with real problems that were like that Christian families have to cope with now days, which can be not bad.


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