Love’s Rescue by Christine Johnson – Review


When her mother dies, Elizabeth Benjamin heads home to Key West, decided to transform herself into the perfect Southern belle her parents always wished her to be. But nothing goes according to plan. Her crippled brother resents her, the servants don’t obey her, and Rourke O’Malley, the dashing man she vowed to forget, refuses to relinquish his hold on her heart. Worst of all, it becomes painfully clear that her dad is not the upright guy he seems to be.

As family secrets come to light, Elizabeth is faced with a difficult choice: to do her duty and left her wishes, or to leave her life of privilege behind to pursue the guy her father sees as little better than a pirate.

From the first psychological page, author Christine Johnson throws readers into a world of impossible picks, hidden desires, and heart-melting romanticism in the steamy south. Readers will cheer for Elizabeth and Rourke as they fight the odds and the components to ensure their future.


Love’s Rescue is about a young woman named Elizabeth Benjamin. The narrative happens in the mid-1800’s in the Key West Region. Elizabeth grew up there with her family, but after her headstrong ways to seek the guy she loved ended up crippling her brother, she was sent away to live with her aunt in Charleston to locate a husband. Four years later, she still has not found a husband. After learning that her mother died, she talks her aunt into escorting her back to Key West to be with her family, and to find the man she loves in hopes he loves her.

Just as much as I enjoy narratives in this time period, I did have a tiny difficult time getting into it, but I still loved it. I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth’s character evolve at the same time.

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