Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson

Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson – Review | Readterest


Katie’s almost-fiance Casey is back in Fairfield, ready to rekindle their relationship. And there is nothing Katie’s parents need more than for their small town girl to leave Dallas and come home once and for all. But can she actually leave Brady behind? And will she ever manage to wear that magnificent wedding dress she won?


I recognize that Janice Thompson set her characters through a little reality test in Every Girl Gets Confused. Now Katie is every bit of the optimistic bride. She is immersed in bridal scents and sounds and lace each day in her job as the go to girl at Cosmopolitan Bridal. But Katie takes a number of bumps on the way. Consider Brady for instance. The guy who has stepped in to help heal her Casey-crushed heart. But even Brady, as nearly perfect as he is, has a few battles that put Katie’s head in a spin cycle of confusion.

And have Katie’s brothers all found true love? Subsequently even her grandmother? Katie’s still hoping for a ring on her finger but it seems as if perhaps her happily ever after isn’t going to come knocking on her door any time soon. Her parents are suddenly experiencing a second honeymoon sort of a lifestyle with experience and trips. Casey starts to contact Katie every once in awhile to reminisce about the good old days. Brady is so trapped in his own heroic challenge that sometimes Katie merely feels real alone. Can she weather this storm and hold out for the real deal versus the counterfeit that keeps being dangled right in front of her?

There’s more, naturally, plenty of play for all involved. Evidently, there is a satisfactory ending together with the promise of another novel to work out all the frayed and loose ends of all of Katie’s buddies and families.

If you love your love affair as large as Texas and sweet as wedding cake then you definitely probably have to check into this collection.


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