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Kodansha’s answer to the hugely popular One Piece, Rave Master at first seems a pale imitation. For the first few volumes, Mashima’s art is rough and inconsistent, and a clichéd story does not inspire much confidence. Here is a case, though, where readers’ dedication is rewarded. Once Mashima hits his stride midway through the first story arc, the series is an absolute joy, with sexy-cool characters read rave master mangaand contagious optimism. Protagonist Haru Glory grew up on idyllic Garage Island, sheltered from the growing military unrest in the outside world, when one day destiny washes up on his shores in the form of Plue—a doglike creature with a carrot for a nose—and the Ten Powers (aka the Ten Commandments), a magical transforming sword. Haru follows in his missing father’s footsteps, venturing into the world in search of the lost Rave Stones in order to bring down the evil terrorist organization called Demon Card. His ever-growing band of allies includes Elie, a trigger-happy, amnesiac gambler; Musica, a gang leader with alchemical control over silver; Griffon Kato, a gelatinous eggplant/cartographer; and Ruby, a penguin philanthropist with burgeoning magic powers. Out there? You bet! Mashima’s wild imagination leads to many chuckle-worthy characters, such as the flatulent Jiggle Butt Gang, a deluded superhero send-up named Lazenby, and an evil mastermind koala bear named … Koala. Particularly inspired is a choose-your-own-adventure chapter starring Plue and Griff on a quest for candy. The deadpan zaniness is not for everyone, and the Hot Topic–meets–Tolkien style will grate with some, but there is little doubt that Mashima has proven himself every bit as talented as Shônen Jump’s top artists

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