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The Maison de Ayakashi (メゾン・ド・章樫 Mezon do Ayakashi?), better known as the Ayakashikan (妖館?), is a high security apartment building where humans with demon ancestors, or yōkai, live, each guarded by their own Secret Service bodyguard. A yōkai girl named Ririchiyo Shirakiin moves into the Ayakashikan hoping for some peace and quiet. But instead, she finds herself with the service of the Secret Service agent, Sōshi Miketsukami.Inu x Boku manga

The first four volumes of the manga are a prologue. At the end of volume four, a foe possesses Karuta,
leaving her in a coma for several months, and uses other yōkai to assault the other residents of Maison de Ayakashi.
Because of this, virtually every person in the principal cast is killed except Renshō, who’s currently 41 years old. Part two takes place 23 years later, when those killed are reincarnated. The yōkai lad, Mikoto, is still alive as the friend of Watanuki who is now a middle schooler. A time capsule is sent to the past, and now, in the third arc, the narrative jumps back to days gone by when they have been about to make a time capsule for his or her future selves.


  1. Despite the shortage of English translations I absolutely adore this series as it offers great potential in approaching volumes through powerful character and a blend of supernatural and romance.

    The drawing/style of this series is amazing and in particular I respect the trend or costuming of the characters.

    Overall meticulously recommended 🙂

  2. I ‘ve to say, when I started reading it, I got interested but as the chapters went by somehow I got the feeling that mangaka really was not great at story telling.
    Do not get me wrong, this manga is not that bad but I believed it did not climb to its full potential. Discovery about male primary character came too sudden and it kind of rushed things from then on.

    However, the notion was interesting, artwork was good and I appreciated most of it. And, from what I can tell, there are hints that something larger is going to happen. I will wait for that…

  3. I actually appreciated this manga.
    I watched the anime variation some time ago and I decided I should read the manga to see what occurred after that end.
    What I found was a dramatic story that had me crying for the last – at least – 25 chapters.

    I love every character, since they’re all refreshing and funny. As for the narrative, yes, it is a little perplexing, but I seriously recomend to continue on reading, since everything will be clarified in due time.

    I do not regret reading this manga at all, I found it to be humorous, remarkable and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

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