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Green Blood has been running in Kodansha’s weekly Young Magazine since June 13, 2011. After around the 12th chapter, the manga started to become absent nearly every fourteen days. After Dilemma 10-2012 it went on hiatus for few weeks and returned in Problem 24-2012. Another longer hiatus occurred after Problem 38-2012 and returned in Dilemma 49-2012. Next longer hiatus happened after Dilemma 01-2013 and returned for Dilemma 06-2013 and 07-2013 and then again went on hiatus until Issue 17-2013. The manga finished with Chapter 49 on May 13 in Issue 24-2013 green-blood-mangaand the closing 5th volume was released on July 5, 2013.

The ending of the civil war indicated the beginning of the industrial revolution in America and immigrants from all over the world travelled to find their American dream. But what anticipated the bulk of them was poverty, discrimination, and hopelessness. Manhattan, New York was full of immigrants flooding through the ports and the 6th district, Five Points, was considered at time, the world’s worst slum. The mobsters corrupted the entire area, including the authorities by paying them off; Five Points was the mob’s land and they were the law.

But even Five Points, where there seemed to be nothing but robbery, prostitution, and murder, showed some signs of hope. Luke Burns was an honest and righteous teen who realized that the gang was the reason for their cruel lifestyle and that joining the mobsters wouldn’t bring him the American dream. But his older brother, Brad Burns, had become an assassin for the largest gang group of Five Points, the Grave Diggers, a secret he kept from Luke for his own protection. Brad was known as the Grim Reaper and his reputation preceded him as a ruthless and proficient killer.


Green Blood Manga Review :

Is like another one of your average timeless Old West pictures. Big brute who runs around slaughtering people in order to that kill one guy to exact his vengence but has no idea where he is. Smaller brother who believes his older brother (the large brute) is a good for nothing jackass. Bad guy f*cks the peace of town and unexpectedly there’s a gunfight. Bad guy runs away, some random dude gets executed for the gunfight and the brothers unite and chase after the bad guy into the sunset. * sigh* is it not platitude?

But…its great. Its really good. The story might be another one of those payback narratives but it really is really quite impressive. It really is well orchestrated and it brings out the greed, lust and violence that’s the Old West.

Characters are pretty platitude though. Two good guys, one bad guy. Other avaricious, horny and\or violent assholes in between. Yeah, classic Old West.

The art is good and it compliments the story and truly brings out the scerenity of the surrounding (even a decapitated head can be beautiful if you have a look at it in the right angle).

Its a good read if you are into seinin mangas. Its not overly gory (unlike Zetman) and not too sexually explicit (also unlike Zetman).

In a nutshell, Green Blood might look a bit cliché (okay, maybe a little too cliché) but its still fun to read and you will appreciate it should you be a seinin enthusiast

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