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Yukiru Sugisaki

• Tokyopop (2004–ongoing)

• Kadokawa Shoten (Asuka, 1997–ongoing)

• Shôjo, Fantasy, Phantom Thief, Romantic Comedy

• 13+ (mild language, mild violence, mild sexual situations)

Phantom thieves, romantic comedy, spirits, cute animals, angels and devils, school hijinks … it’s easier to list genres D.N.Angel doesn’t belong to. Fourteen-year-old Daisuke, the heir to a family of thieves, finds himself suddenly possessed by the mysterious alter ego that has been passed through his family for generations: Dark, the phantom thief, who glides over the night on angel wings and morphs D.N.Angel MangaDaisuke’s body into that of a suave, handsome young man. Daisuke soon discovers that love triggers his nightly transformations, and when Dark meets the twin sisters Risa and Riku, he finds himself in a love triangle with his own alter ego. As Dark’s supernatural origin is gradually revealed, the story moves away from romantic comedy and into outright fairy-tale fantasy. Yukiru Sugisaki’s slick artwork hits all the anime-style signifiers like a pro—spiky hair, questionable noses, cute chinless faces—and would look gender-neutral if not for the countless floating feathers and glowing nimbuses that mark it as a shôjo manga. For younger readers, it’s a sweet series (and it has almost no sexual content), but for older teenagers and adults who have read more anime, the art barely props up the clichés. The story is meandering; the series has gone on hiatus several times in Japan, and its eventual fate is still in doubt.

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