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• Norihiro Yagi

• Viz (2006–ongoing)

• Shueisha (Monthly Shônen Jump, 2001–ongoing)

• Shônen, Fantasy, Action

• 16+ (violence, partial nudity, attempted rape)

In a vaguely European fantasy world, everyone lives in fear of Yoma—flesh-eating humanoids claymore-mangawho can disguise themselves in human form. The only warriors strong enough to oppose them are the
Claymore, human-Yoma halfbreed swordswomen-for-hire, who are almost as feared as the monsters themselves. Clearly inspired by the medieval setting and limb-severing gore of Berserk, Claymore suffers from a slow pace, mediocre fight scenes, and uninspired, repetitive visuals; even when the monsters start turning truly monstrous, which takes several volumes, they aren’t memorable. The sinewy, pale character designs blur the line between Yoma and humans. There are a few good scares, but beneath the solemn atmosphere, it’s just a fighting manga with lots of silent brooding and none of the fun. Some nudity is censored in the English edition.

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