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I don’t know if anyone else is reading Boku no Hero Academia Manga , but I LOVEEEE it so much and I needed to discuss my thoughts and reasons why you should pick it up and start reading it right away because it’s a ton of fun! I hope this post convinces you to give it a shot.

What is Boku no Hero Academia Manga?

Boku no Hero Academia Manga
I love the character designs in Boku no Hero Academia Manga

Prior to getting overly stressed I am going to keep this somewhat spoiler free! So where did it come from? For starters the manga was written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi and it’s published in Weekly Shonen Jump and the first chapter was released on July 7, 2014 and as of this post there are only 39 chapters. So what is this series even around? To supply you with a quick run down basically the world is filled with super heroes and super villains! So believe Tiger and Bunny or any live action superhero movie, but instead only a small handful of folks having super powers you have the whole world population being born with some sort of unique super power which they call “quirks”sounds great huh? While the world is pretty straightforward the chief narrative of Hero Academia follows our main character named Izuku Midoriya who has huge hopes and visions to become a hero like All-Might! Think Captain America with hulk like strength, but unfortunately Midoriya was born without any special abilities, oh and he was always picked on in school because he still desires to become a hero despite not having any powers so he goes through that entire Naruto phase with having no friends and I also understand the whole “born without powers” isn’t all that original and I ‘d say that it seems a bit like Touma from the Index, I mean technically in that world he is considered a level zero.

So what does Midoriya do without having any super powers while everyone else has them? Well after a chance meeting with All-might who saves him on the way home from school, but in doing so Midoriya finds a shocking secret that his youth hero doesn’t need him to show to the world! I just won’t tell you what that is because you have to find out for yourself because it’s a extremely important side plot of Hero Academia and that also introduces the “Academia” part with all the characters going to a special school that instructs them how to become a hero and boy does this This show has a LOT of interesting characters, but instead of talking about every single character I will just tell you my top five guys and top five girls of this series along with what kind of powers they have, also I think most of the powers and abilities used in Hero Academia are obviously inspired by American comic books along with inspiration taken from various anime and manga! Oh and as a side note I will also pick fake voice actors that I would cast in this if it ever gets the anime treatment in the future.

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