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Kentaro Yabuki

• Viz (2006–ongoing)

• Shueisha (Weekly Shônen Jump, 2000–2004)

• 20 volumes • Shônen, Crime, Action

• 16+ (violence)

In this adventure manga clearly inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Train Heartnet, aka “Black Cat,” is an easygoing bounty hunter who once worked as an assassin for the world-spanning super-organization black_cat_mangaChronos. Together with Sven (a ladies’ man with fedora and eye patch), Rinslet (a sexy thief), and Eve (a little girl with shape-shifting abilities), he roams the world, looking for his next meal and revenge on
the people who did him wrong. For the first few chapters, Black Cat seems to take place in a world like our own (all the names are changed, but the Latin American cityscapes look interestingly familiar), but soon fantasy elements creep in among the heist scenes: nanotechnology, Taoists who use chi-based superpowers, dinosaurs. The banter between the characters flows nicely, but the heists are juvenile, and the generic artwork removes any anticipation of seeing what will come next. For a shônen manga about superpowered crooks, the later volumes of Hunter x Hunter are far superior.

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