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          • The story of both these serialisations follow the constant battle between the creatures who cause the deaths of many and the humans who have been trained to protect the society they live in. Both are contextualised in a bleak and dark atmosphere; profoundly emphasised by seemingly isolated settings. ~radiantfire~
          • If you like the dark and depressing mood of Shingeki no Kyojin (underdog heroes trying to battle monsters much stronger than they are), then D.Gray-man runs along the same tile. Both have main characters constantly trying their best to defeat the almost immortal villains. And all the deaths around them... ~bakahaido~

          Attack on Titan Manga (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin?) is a series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Now it’s on its 20th volume. An official English version by Kodansha USA started serialization in America in June 2012. Since October 2013 it is also available online on the Crunchyroll’s manga platform, where it is published the same day of the Japanese release (“simulpub”). Since April 2016, Amazon simulpubs the show too on its comiXology and Kindle Shop platforms.

          The original Japanese title of Attack on Titan Manga, “Shingeki no Kyojin”, has a dual meaning. The literal meaning is “Advancing Titan(s)” (or more literally, “Advancing Giant(s)”). However, it can also be taken as “Advance Toward the Titan(s)”, which is what the localized title resembles: “Attack on Titan”.

          Attack on Titan Manga

          The narrative of Attack on Titan Manga revolves around the adventures of Eren Yeager, his foster sister, Mikasa Ackerman, and their childhood friend Armin Arlert. After the wall which protects their hometown of Shinganshina is breached by the Colossal Titan leading the other Titans to enter, Eren sees in terror as one of them eats his mum. Vowing to kill all the Titans, Eren enlists in the military, along with his pals.

          Some of Eren’s friends are also disclosed to be able to transform into Titans and had been sent as spies by an unknown party to locate something called “The Coordinate”. It’s after confirmed that the Coordinate is the power to command other Titans at will, and that Eren holds that power. The royal family and the Military Police course Eren and his buddy Krista Lenz, who’s actually Historia Reiss, the successor to the real king, Rod Reiss, as the present king is but a figurehead.

          Five years afterwards, the three cadet graduates are placed in Trost District, one of the border towns jutting out of Wall Rose when the Titans attack again. In the ensuing battle, Eren is eaten by one of the Titans before Armin’s eyes. A Titan after appears and starts fighting the other Titans while ignoring individuals; the Titan is disclosed to be Eren, who has acquired the ability to transform into one. Though he’s seen as a risk by some, he helps the military take back Trost District. After being put on trial for being a danger to the humans, he’s taken in by the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad, led by Captain Levi.

          In an expedition to Shinganshina, the Lookouts are assaulted by a Female Titan who tries to catch Eren. Although the Scouts really are able to briefly catch the Female Titan, she breaks free and devastates Levi’s squad, compelling the expedition to retreat. Armin determines the Female Titan is Annie, among the cadets who educated Eren to fight, and devises a strategy to catch her at Stohess. During this operation, collateral damage reveals that Titans reside in and make up the walls encircling the human settlements.

          Some of Eren’s pals are also revealed to be able to transform into Titans and had been sent as spies by an anonymous party to locate something called “The Coordinate”. It’s later confirmed that the Coordinate is the power to control other Titans at will, and that Eren holds that power. The royal family and the Military Police trail Eren and his buddy Krista Lenz, who is really Historia Reiss, the successor to the real king, Rod Reiss, as the present king is but a figurehead.

          The Survey Corps, losing all will to follow the present authorities, stage a successful rebellion to overthrow the monarchy, culminating with the passing of Rod by the hands of his own daughter, who becomes the new queen. It is then disclosed the Reiss Family was responsible for the creation of the walls 100 years ago using the Coordinate, which was stolen by Eren’s daddy Grisha, who subsequently transferred it to Eren’s body by turning him into a Titan before allowing his son to devour him.

          By making use of a new power got by Eren that allows him to create massive and long-lasting structures, the Survey Corps hold another expedition, this time managing to reach Shiganshina and seal the breach to recover Wall Maria. Nonetheless, they are ambushed by Zeke, the guy behind the Titan invasions and the spies, directing an army of Titans including the Colossal Titan against them. The battle ends with Zeke pulling away, and the Colossal Titan conquered and killed by Armin, who becomes a Titan Shifter like Eren, but at the expense of the lives of virtually all members of the expedition, including the commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith. Before returning home, the survivors investigate the basement of Eren and Mikasa’s old house and recover evidence showing the human culture beyond the walls is not extinct as they were consistently led to consider, but is booming rather.

          Attack on Titans Manga Review :

          What’s the most precious thing in life?

          Well, everyone has his or her own ideas but we all have in common for there is one thing, and that is the fact that we all are living beings that breathes in and out. We enjoy life as best as we can and live by. But what if that right is surely set into jeopardy? Imagine if a day comes when the area we live in remains safe? Well, those are probably questions not many of us think about too often but for Mankind in this manga, those questions are people’s heads each and every day of their lives.

          Regrettably, one day, some of those questions ultimately arrived with the worst manner possible.

          Shingeki no Kyojin (or by its more generally understood English name “Attack on Titan”) is a Japanese manga composed by Hajime Isayama. The series occurs in an alternative setting of the middle ages, a dark times when the appearances of giants threaten humanity. The human population is in jeopardy and often times, fear fuels both conviction and hate to live and eradicates the titans that threatens their very lives every single day.

          Well for starters, I ‘m pleased to say that Shingeki no Kyojin is a great manga to have in almost anyone’s group. I am not really knowledgeable about the writer. However, what I ‘m familiar with is the way he presents his piece of work. Obviously, you would be appropriate if that was your assumption. However, this series marks more of a dark fantasy tale of tragedy and horror as from the very first chapters, we learn of the effects World starts coping with.

          The main character of the story is a young boy named Eren. Throughout his childhood, he’s resided with his best friend Armin Arlart, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman, and his mom. To put it differently, he’s the kind of man that resorts to action instead of strategy. Unfortunately for him and his family, violence and activity comes from the giants. We are quickly introduced to a colossal titan from the very start as it makes history that levers the walls which stood between the icons and Humanity. We can can visualize individuals going through as the giants makes their way through and shattering the peace that Mankind has assembled for almost a century although not seemingly realistic. It’s more and staggering so after these awful events that would alter his life and Eren forever.

          Luckily, Eren apparently follows a path of valor and plays the part of a protagonist as opposed to as a vengeful anti-hero. Although he shows his thoughts of revenge at many times, Eren keeps his mind in check that what he’s doing is for sake of its existence and World. Talking of which, Mikasa additionally plays with her functions nicely. For a female character, she’s really intelligent, resourceful, and independent enough to get some kills against the giants themselves. We can see readily that Mikasa plays with the antithesis of the gender role from the middle ages as she displays superhuman like behavior through the entire manga.

          The other characters throughout the manga also gets their own development, spotlights, and in more mysterious ways; some that holds secrets where we may never have imagined them to be. Among these secrets involves the identity of Eren and the giants. Speaking of which, at many occasions, the manga investigates the theme of identity and what individuals sees themselves as. By way of example, Armin Arlart is frequently perplexed about his place as an associate of the military. He frequently seems to blame himself as being not useful despite his skill to help others out at critical times that have saved the lives of his dear friends. World itself also starts making its race and to mount resistance a name for the giants to fear. Every drop of blood is a loss for humanity and with population staggering, everyone attempts to contribute their efforts against their ultimate enemy.

          Well, that of course brings us to the very terror that began it all. The Giants.

          The manga catches the horror of what Giants really are. On the surface, they have humanoid-like arrangement including their facial features and similarly shaped body similarity with the same number. However, what they lack seemingly exist for the purposes to kill and is empathy. Rather than feeding, these Giants are the accurate adversaries and destroyers of Humans. However at the same time, enigma inspires regarding their origins and how they came to exist in this kind of world. However, their behaviour spells out more words than action as make Humanity a living nightmare and they live to devour people. Among other variables, the titans are classified otherwise for variant types. There are the standard titans, armored titan, titan that is buff, apelike titan, hairy titan, not to mention the Colossal titan that started the battle all over again. They may be the executioners of Humans and genuine dreads.

          The manga series adapts the medieval-like feeling nicely. At many times, we can see that Mankind actually did put effort into creating the peace they wanted. The outer after of Wall Maria stands tall and proud as it’s outlasted over a century. Among other variables are the interior walls, cannons, and firearms. Most curiously is the use of a device referred to as the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. The device functions as both weapon and a tool used against the giants for those people who have enough skills. Those who really wants to shield World and challenge against the giants enlists in the military for rough training against what they both fear and hate.

          Among other things, there appears to be some symbolism through the entire manga. The walls stands for both a physical attribute but also appears to symbolize the way Mankind appears to isolate themselves as a combined race. Humanity knows that without collaboration, departure will likely resurface and blood will be spilled. Then, there is the notion of survival of the fittest. If we look attentively, those who have the abilities, intellect, and dedication will have the potential to make it through. Those that are questioning themselves, and poor, reliant are the first to perish. It is a cruel world and the giants that world is made by themselves into reality.

          While the realism of the the series is a little weak, I do discover that dreads portrayed in this manga is nicely performed. The giants appears to lack motivation to killing people but when they do, it always finishes barbarous that leaves behind both physical and mental scars. A few of these may never be cured. As they strives to command against mankind in greater than one way, the giants plays the part of the super power. But nonetheless, the giants are the terrors that humans must cope with. The gore and violence presented gives of just how serious the situation is a visually sense to readers.

          There are many questions that needs replies still with this manga. Nonetheless, by the way of the expressions of Humankind, they are not quite patient. This manga published by Kodansha is ultimately a piece of work which I enjoyed reading so far. There are some distractions may frustrate readers with the mystery aspect of the work and occasionally with the gore, particularly in reference to Humanity’s greatest enemy. Nonetheless, it has gathered enough interests with the origins of its demonstration, artwork, delivery, and for me is an enjoyable read.

          ~ Stark700 ~

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            Ahh, where do i begin? This mana was something I decided reading after finishing the anime, which i can say was a great experience. So without further ado, let’s make it as simple as possible without giving too many spoilers.

            Story: 9
            Yes, all of US know the cliche story of humankind in danger and the giant monsters that are responsible for it. Nevertheless, there are little manga’s that are actually sticking to the fact that humankind still dod not conquer those monsters. True, the show did give us the “Hero that’s a power that came from those monsters to kill them”. But they’re doing it great and most significant of all they have the balls to actually kill main characters at ANY minute. I won’t tell you when, but let us say that the show is one of the only I ‘m current;y reading that still have the courage to kill the principal hero/es at any moment without any warning or any way to “repair it at the last moment due to ‘plot device'”.

            Characters : 9
            In my opinion the most powerful part of the manga. The characters in the show are extremely complicated. For those who’s read the “Clash of the Titans” arc, you probably know whose the chief villain of the arc and while their motivations continue to be unclear to us, we know that they did not do that out of uncomplicated villainy. They do feel compunction. And they are not so easy to despise even after showing their true nature. They did it because they had to. That disclosure made it cleat to me that moral in the show is not something as simple as good and awful. The awareness of morality in the show is even become more unbalanced in the subsequent arc, I will not tell you what happens but ill tell you this, that arc gave us new info that made it clear that no character in the show that is simply good, or at least not in the eyes of all characters, and the plot forces them to do things that shake the reality they are used to enjoy it was nothing. in my opinion every main character, and some of the side characters, are extremely important to feel the show going and they’re doing an excellent job of getting you wonder which side truly is correct and which is wrong.

            Art: 8

            While it isn’t on berserk level, the art in this show is still something i enjoy very much, except when you look at the difference between the anime design and the manga design, but all in all the art is really nice, with some shots looking really amazing and some making you really feel like you can just see anything there, plus the titans are amazingly drawn, each in a different way, making you see that there are no two titans that look the same.

            Enjoyment: 8
            The only reason i don’t place it on a higher rank is the simple fact tat every chapter comes only once per month, making it hard to keep the hype between every chapter and trying to remember what happened last time. however, that manga and the plot are too good for me to just let this make the better judgement for me. The show it great and the manga is even better, even if the anime added one part for the managa that wasn’t there (see episode 25 of the anime and manga chapter 34 for the difference). But all in all i really enjoyed the show thus far and Im sure Im going to keep enjoying it.

            Overall rating: 9
            This manga is one of the best manga’s out there at the time, it is bold, courageous and doesn’t afraid to kill any character at any moment and give plenty of development and explanations that keep everything clear or making you question the morality of the manga at any moment. It is these features that made me like this manga so much and i know that those if you whose looking for good manga (even if released slowly), this is the manga for you.

            I hope you enjoyed or found this review helpful and please don’t fear to send me your thoughts or responses and ill answer them as good as I can

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