Eden: It's An Endless World Manga

Eden: It’s An Endless World Manga | Readterest.com

Hiroki Endo

• Dark Horse (2005–ongoing)

• Kodansha (Afternoon, 1997–ongoing)

• Seinen, Science Fiction, Military, Action

• 18+ (language, frequent extreme graphic violence, nudity, sex)

A postapocalyptic hard science fiction manga in which combat is interspersed with discussion of Big Issues, Eden is comparable to Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed. Thirty-five years after a deadlyEden: It's An Endless World Manga viral epidemic, parts of the Earth have reverted to nature, and the United Nations wars with various factions for control of remote parts of the world. While wandering the wilderness of South America, teenage Elijah is picked up by a UN military unit and becomes involved in their battles against Propater, a cultlike organization. Eden starts out as a postapocalyptic survival story; the landscapes are evocatively drawn, with detailed images of abandoned cities overgrown with grass and trees. Soon, however, the story turns to military action, with ill-defined factions fighting using robots, prepubescent cyborg hackers, bioengineered monsters, and other increasingly fantastic technology. If the point is to show the horror and arbitrariness of war, it succeeds, but the characters and themes are secondary to the combat, ultimately to the detriment of the story. The fact that the characters are named after Gnostic religious terms doesn’t clarify matters for the casual reader, and the discussion of Christianity is likewise disconnected from the action, although the good art makes it an enjoyable read.

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