Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders Manga

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GAKUEN TOKKEI DUKLYON, “School Defenders Duklyon”

• CLAMP • Tokyopop (2003)

• Kadokawa (Comic Genki, 1991–1993)

• Tokusatsu, Comedy • All Ages

Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders is a gut-busting send-up of the sentai superhero team genre. Kentarou Higashikunimaru and Takeshi Shukaido are high school students at the prestigious ClampDuklyon: Clamp School Defenders Manga
School, and employees of the Duklyon bakery, but when a patriotic song is piped through the school’s speakers, they transform into the costumed champions of justice: the Clamp School Defenders! Together with their manager, the hotheaded and mallet-wielding Eri, the team battles their archnemesis, the “evil” Imonoyama Shopping District Association, which tries to disrupt school life with its menagerie of monsters (like the Evil Sheep Beast Wooltar, or Giant Elephant Beast Sucophant). Duklyon is a celebration of silliness. The rapid-fire puns and parodies will elicit much rolling of the eyes, but you’ll likely find yourself laughing in spite of yourself. A must-read for comedy fans, but those looking for plot and character development should look elsewhere.

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