Alichino Manga |

Kouyu Shurei

• Tokyopop (2005)

• Home-sha (Eyes, 1998–2001)

• Shôjo, Gothic, Fantasy

• 13+ (mild language, violence, brief partial nudity)

“Their beauty is an illusion … a mere mask … hiding a most hideous and twisted face.” In a vague fantasy setting, human beings are the prey of Alichino, attractive evil beings who can grant wishes, take the form of animals, and eat human souls. Their only weakness is also the thing they most desire: Tsugiri, a handsome, depressive young man whose soul is so pure that he can kill an Alichino, or provide one with a most delicious meal. Incredibly detailed, realistic artwork makes Alichino worth reading just for the visual polish; Shurei’s art lacks outright monsters but abounds with gorgeous bishônen and Gothic Lolita women with sad, doll-like eyes. The plot is dominated by the angst-ridden relationships between Tsugiri and the Alichino, some of whom want to protect him, while others want to eat him. As of April 2007, the series is on hold in both the United States and Japan, with Shurei supposedly working on the fourth and final volume.

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