alice-19th manga

Alice 19Th Manga |

• Yuu Watase

• Viz (2003–2004)

• Shogakukan (Shôjo Comic, 2001–2003)

• Shôjo, Fantasy, Romance

• 16+ (mild language, nudity, violence)

Timid Alice lived in the shadow of her older sister, Mayura, until one day a strange bunny-eared girl initiates her in the Lotis Words, a form of magic secretly practiced by “neo-masters” around the globe. But Alice and Mayura both love the same man, the reserved upperclassman Kyô, and their romantic rivalry triggers the ultimate battle with the forces of Mara, the dark side of magic. Similar in outline to Cardcaptor Sakura (the heroines even look alike), Alice 19th has one interesting idea: the concept of the “inner heart,” a sort of demon-haunted collective unconscious or virtual reality. However, the magical element is ultimately underdeveloped, even for a series for a younger audience; the Lotis words have neither a visual style nor an internal logic that the reader can follow. As usual, Watase does an adequate job of establishing the human relationships, and the art is functional, but compared to her other manga, the story is disappointingly clichéd.

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