Afterschool Nightmare Manga

Afterschool Nightmare Manga |

Hôkago Hokenshitsu, “Afterschool Clinic”

• Setona Mizushiro

• Go! Comi (2006–ongoing)

• Akita Shoten (Princess, 2004–ongoing)

• Shôjo, Psychological Horror

• 16+ (mild language, graphic violence, sexual situations)

Living up to its title, Afterschool Nightmare captures feelings of identity loss and cold terror, beginning with a brutal Freudian punch below the belt. Mashiro, a handsome, delicate-featured teenager, has a dark secret: although he considers himself male, he has “the upper body of a man and the lower body of a woman.” After “he” menstruates for the first time, he is recruited for a strange dream experiment together with several of his unseen classmates, in which they fight disturbing versions of one another in a surreal dreamworld. Through the shared experiment, Mashiro becomes closer to some of his classmates, but this only brings more shame and anxiety when a relationship threatens to turn sexual. And his classmates have their own psychological problems as well … A well-drawn, creepy, surprising series.

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