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Riiko Izawa, a teenage girl who lives alone and worries she’ll never get a boyfriend, meets a futuristic mail-order salesman and orders a handsome, naked man who is delivered to her apartment in a big cardboard box. Activated by a kiss, Night is indeed the absolute boyfriend: he cooks, beats up bad guys with his super-strength, responds to her emotions, and cheerfully offers to demonstrate his sexual techniques but is equally happy to just snuggle. Unfortunately, Riiko finds herself massively in debt, her female classmates and her handsome next-door neighbor are jealous, and Night has a flaw … he falls in love with whoever kisses him, but it’s only permanent if you have sex. An entertaining romantic comedy, Absolute Boyfriend is essentially a gender-reversed version of the typical shônen manga robot girl fantasy, with fanservice in the form of shirtless men instead of girls’ panties. The art is in Watase’s usual precise style.

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