Reviews of top 10 Best fiction books of all time

This is a list of top 10 best fiction books of all time which include the masterpieces that span multiple centuries to now, the original works are written in various languages, and the story covers a lot of ranges. Wars and fights, coming of age realizations and moral conflicts, family issues and extraretinal encounters, the great big world of fiction never cease to amaze and satisfy us. We have selected a few of the best for your convenience in beginning the journey of a reading life.


Published in 1949, the book is the dystopia of the author which is about 39 years later. As of now, the book still applies so well that it startled us. The depiction of a haunting world that was totally imagined by the author in so convincing from the first to the last word. As time goes by, the admonitions of the book have never ceased, making it the top of the  best fiction books of all time.


The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code book

A lot of readers know this book for its controversy because it questions the existence of Christian church, of the dark organizations that gets sponsored by the higher ups and the spiritual aspects of science. This very controversy is what makes the book epic: it’s just a fiction! As the story seems so smooth and realistic, we find ourselves get led by the author to a more open-minded approach to the world.


Number The StarsNumber The Star Book by Lois Lowry

Portraying the Holocaust from a 10-year-old girl view, this is a groundbreaking novel that eases up the edges of the war so that younger readers can have a more realistic feel of what actually happened in the dark eras of the world. The little girl in the story has to deal with psychological conflicts from a really young age: should she sacrifice herself for other people? What is bravery? If the whole world turn left, can she turn right?


life_of_pi_bookLife Of Pi

A fantasy adventure novel that came out in 2001, the book has successfully tell the story of a young boy who experiences spiritual and practical events from his young age. The journey begins as he is stuck on a stranded boat in the middle of an ocean, with only a tiger by his side. As the boy chooses to believe in religion, in fact, he embraces three religions, the book open a whole new look for religious books.


A game of throne books in ordera-game-of-thrones-books

In a world where summer last for decades and winter goes on for a human lifetime, there is a war for the iron throne. The fantasy authors often claim to do something different, but only this series changed the whole range of fantasy as of this decade. Predictability can be the death sentence for epic fantasy novels,  and you will not find it in this book. Be aware that the series content a lot of adult-rated materials.


To Kill A Mocking Birdto-kill-a-mockingbird-book

The story of the children of the quiet Southern town who gets shook up by conscience makes this book an instant hit with the critics and the readers alike. It was also made into a classic movie, which portrays the compassion, drama and the movements inside a human heart really well. What  does a root of a man have? The book answers us with innocence, kindness, love, humor, only to let life destroy them all with cruelty, hatred, ignorance and other real life experiences. The book makes its ways into every list of  best fiction books of all time.


The Lord Of The Rings books in orderthe-lord-of-the-rings-books

The ultimate starter set for those who is new with Tolkien. Join the force now and travel through the magical middle earth. The series feature three books, which are the Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. A genuine masterpiece that needs no debate, this is one of the most widely read and inspiring fantasies epic book of all time. Simply, it is the treasure of a whole generation which last till today.


Harry Potter book order harry-potter-book

A young wizard gets taken by a storm, only to find the whole world actually revolves around himself. A fantasy novel with a coming-of-age hero, that is backed up by lovely adults and in fights with other villains. The corruption, the friendship, the heartwarming times and silly moments of teenagers all blend well in this series, making it a must read for kids, teenagers and adults alike. For its sheer popularity, we think it deserves a space in the list of  best fiction books of all time.


The Hunger games bookthe Hunger Games book

Many people come to this book after the famous movies merchandise, only to find themselves blown away by each and each page. It features the elements for an all time epic book in a modern yet fantasy settings. There is this sharp and intelligent heroine who gives into nothing, who has captured the heart of a sweet yet sensitive guy who gives out his love unconditionally. The settings are built originally and are elaborated with a unique plot lines. Thrillers everywhere, as well as morals, emotions, friendships and darker sides of a modern society.

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