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Racial dimension is a controversy and immediate crisis in the modern world, which is only known and experienced in some parts of the world. The New Jim Crow book by M. Alexander and M. McCool has excellently portray this problem for the whole globe to see by highlighting the racial dimensions of the War on Drugs. Boldly, the New Jim Crow book delivers the idea that the drug policy of the federal targets the communities of colors to an unfair extent. It keeps many young and black men in the circle of poverty and behind the bars.

The New Jim Crow book begins by dismissing the idea that racism no longer exists. In fact, there are many instances where African Americans are mistreated in the society nowadays that are referred to in the New Jim Crow book, that the authors argue that “they are so obvious that only those who refuse to see will not see”. For example, as convicted felons are stripped of the rights to vote, there is an amazing amount of blacks the-new-jim-crow-bookthat can not vote, which numbers to hundreds of thousands. Alexander also presented his idea in the New Jim Crow book that the incarcerated are also not able to vote. The author uncovers that: there is a system of mass incarceration, which is made of laws, policies, and customs that control the “criminals” in and out of the prisons. While this is claimed as a mean of combating with drug activity, it, in fact, served as a deliberating strategy to target the people of color and remove them legally from the political progress. Needless to say, this is extreme racists, in both its theory and application. The authors suggest that this so-called War on Drugs is, in fact, a rebirth of caste in the America, hence the name “The New Jim Crow Book: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness“.
The New Jim Crow book begins with colored slavery and the Jim Crow segregation and the mass incarceration that make entire groups of people, in this case, the colored ones, into discriminatory positions, forever.

The story of Jarvis is used by the authors in the beginning section of the New Jim Crow book, where this African American man is put on parole from his felony drug conviction, and therefore, stripped of his voting rights. This man is not the first in his family to be denied from democratic participation. His great-great grandfather was a slave, who was not considered a human being, let alone a member who can actively vote. His great grandfather was murdered by the infamous Ku Klux Klan for trying to vote. His father, again, was denied from voting because of his failures in literacy test, as well as the poll taxes. One way or another, each generation in this house is always blocked from voting. If it is not for the New Jim Crow book, we probably still do not know about this hideous system.

Under such government, our world has somehow become colorblind and indifferent to specific racial problems and claiming that racism no longer exists. The New Jim Crow book proposes that to end mass incarceration, all of us, white or black, need to honestly face the talk while demanding the peace and prosperity for all.


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