[Manga Review] Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 8

What They Say
Kuklo heads to test the new model of the Device, while Sharle awaits his return. But long after Kuklo’s anticipated date of return, there is still no hint of him … Where Sharle works an antigovernment group carries out a plan in the Industrial City. Little do they understand, Xavi has infiltrated the mission on orders from above.

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Plotting, scheming, power catches. Revolution waiting in the wings. A populace on edge before the fall of the outer wall. That’s the scene this volume sets of the universe of Attack on Titan. We’re plunged into clandestine meetings as Xavi is instantly made a pawn of his new commanding officer.

Let’s make this clear, Xavi is still not a guy that is good. He still thinks of his younger sister as an object rather than as a being with her own agency. It’s not a protective older brother vibe, only a woman that is ‘ are kids to be ordered about by guysawareness of misogyny. Despite that, he’s extremely nuanced for an antagonist for a work about giants eating individuals. At the minute, he’s more interesting than Kuklo and really compelling to watch at the leastmanga-attack-on-titan-before-the-fall-8

Xavi maneuvers himself. She orders a rebellion on a special infiltration mission to prevent threatening the industrial city. Xavi counterplots to snatch his sister and bring her back home. What he doesn’t anticipate is who is playing who, and how everyone is playing with each other. A number of huge premises that cause substantial mistakes, among which is expecting the craftsmen metalworkers would need to turn against the government are made by the rebellion. Surprise! Anyone who’s been following the story would understand that they don’t.

It’s really surprisingly gripping watching the attack go down. The snags in everyone’s strategies and the momentum feel organic and rational, and it’s really participating. The narrative only begins to lag once Kuklo and the others arrive back at a city under siege. That probably doesn’t bode well for the general story when the hero is the man that is least interesting here. Kuklo can’t go through with a lot of heroics, not with his broken arm.

The graphics in this series continues to be more powerful than the novels which spawned it in general. There’s a good sense of movement and actions and the confusing parts are the first half of the fight between the other swordsman and Xavi. Sharle’s eyes still look too broad for her face but otherwise everything is an advancement over Isayama’s artwork.

In Overview
The Fall is more thinking about its politics now than fighting titans, which are turning out to be far more sophisticated than I ‘d’ve initially given this spin-off credit for. The focus being nearly totally on Xavi gives us the way the whole thing goes surprisingly crabwise and an intriguing view on the brewing rebellion. Though I have to say Sharle’s lack of bureau in everything going on around her is boring me. She’s such a character that is level compared to her brother, and even her brother’s company. Kuklo that is lucky for her is on his way back to save his damsel in distress. For a spin off this is now quite the epic.

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