Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 6

[Manga Review] Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 6

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Fifteen years ago, mankind headed a last ditch effort to find the Titans’ weakness—a survey expedition to capture among the animals. But the ten-meter Titan who seemed during the capture effort threw the expedition into turmoil. Among people who escaped behind Wall Maria was the genius craftsman Angel, a weapon-developer who was participating in the expedition as a research worker. What would he conjure up from this failure?

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If you’ve been following the main Attack on Titan storyline then nothing that occurs in the first half of the volume of Before you will be surprised by the Autumn. We’ve all seen. The bodies get chomped, we’ve seen the heads roll and we know what happens when things FAIL and stomped. We’ve seen the forces that are remaining galvanized by the loss of the comrades. The only difference here is the group of Corps members that head on the expedition did understand if your titan can be killed. It really is not alive when the eventually triumph in taking one down they’ren’t even sure.Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 6

Just like that, we’re back to the present. We simply get the equipment being really used by an instant shot of Angel after that first incident. He then vanishes leaving more of a puzzle to him.

The exceptionally shonen scene of the present day group pledging their loyalty for their cause is quite by-the-numbers. This story has never been the original of side stories, and it continues to stream in a pattern that is very predictable. Kuklo gets a pep talk Cardina plots new ways to train on the vertical gear, while the crazy old man attempts to perfect Angel’s device.

The big question mark in this volume is the reemergence of Sharle’s brother as a potential thorn in everyone’s side. He’s in that his sister’s place is discovered by new function and discovered himself the darling of the MP’s. While Kuklo may presume Xavi was bad as he seemed, he can shortly be corrected in his assumption that is off. Xavi is a controlling, scheming traditionalist who is plotting to use Sharle to his own advantage. It’ll probably happen when Kuklo is off on a mission too, leaving him helpless to the powers inside the walls. The actual villains lurk on the list of people as the primary chain has shown.

The volume finishes with two short side chapters which offer a glimpse of what the battle looks like for those in positions that are lesser.

In Overview
There’s very new or exciting with this volume of Before the Fall. Angel’s expedition doesn’t offer much new in the source of the Survey Corps. The attack in the past isn’t that distinct compared to the attacks of the future, complete with all the self-sacrifices and ineffectual attempts that you would anticipate. Angel himself is only given a shallow look over, and he doesn’t seem all that different from anyone else despite each of the hero worshipping coming from Pikale. Observing Cardina and Kuklo get the hang of and train with the equipment is much more interesting. With Xavi joining the MP’s he’s being placed to set up the longstanding feud between both rival branches of the military.

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