[Manga Review] Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Vol. 5

What They Say
The Secret To Survival

Saved from exile, Cardina and Kuklo meet the hero Jorge Pikale, the first man ever to defeat a Titan in combat, and they learn how he did it: a cryptic gasoline-powered grappling machine known only as “the device Jorge considers Kuklo might simply have the agility and reflexes to master this startling weapon and take the Survey Corps to a new level. But Kuklo has his doubts, and what will Sharle believe … ?

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For Kuklo, who seemed doomed to be titan food in quantity 4, redemption is a lone old hero who takes a liking to the two courageous kids thrown to the titans. Rescued from certain death, the two are taken back straight and into civilization into a city out of time.

The industrial city truly looks like it’s out of a storyline that is different. The tremendous smelting furnaces wouldn’t appear out of place in any modern industrial complex. The remaining portion of the town seems like any of the other cities that are germanic in the storyline, but that factory is an out of place artifact which merely adds to the sense that something strange lies buried in the mysterious past of the world.

Cardina and Kuklo are introduced to the foreman of the factory, who’s a little mad old man.before_the_fall_5 He wasn’t the inventor of the device, although he tells the boys that the vertical device is his treasure. That person was a man who was named Angel, who was the one that also was the first to conquer a titan, and he’s nowhere to be seen. Kuklo is immediately taken with the idea of using the maneuvering device to take himself a titan out. He tells the old guys which he needs to work for the foreman, but only if he’ll get his opportunity to use that device to take out a titan himself.

Kuklo is also reunited in the city, and she is working for the foreman too. Her alleviates and worries, although until now she’d only been doing cooking and chores. She can’t comprehend why he would want to plunge himself back . After all that he’s been through he should only desire to live a peaceful life! But if he won’t stay put and safe then she needs to help him achieve his aim and if that means becoming an engineer than so be it.

I still can’t get over Kuklo is an evident Courage court, but the child is the exact opposite in personality. Each of the abuse he suffered in his youth has somehow left him a well-adjusted individual. It’s totally unrealistic that he turned out harboring the remainder of humankind or definitely no hate toward his captors. Actually, he needs to save them so badly that he’s willing and ready to join up and attack titans. He goes from his way to tell Sharle that he doesn’t think dad and her brother were always poor people, particularly to her. Seriously, he could be having some ongoing captivity problems or is a st, although he backs this up with some thoughts that are powerful.

It had been so long since I read a volume of the story that I believed it was some random woman on the cover and not Cardina. (I forgot about those Roger Daltrey curls.) He seems to have lost his purpose in the narrative now that Kuklo is not dangerous although his function in this volume is that of a friend. There’s absolutely nothing between him and Sharle, even though I expected something since they were betrothed. The remark that he is a reserve by the foreman makes me think Cardina will meet a very violent end as time goes by.

The artwork in this side series remains better than that of the original series, even though the characters designs strike me as totally uninspired. The scenery is certainly a massive step up, particularly in the bamboo grove scenes. The reveal the steel that the corpse uses to take down titans literally grows on trees is incredibly illogical, but this is a series steeped in bizarre happenings so I really shouldn’t be shocked. By the time this volume draws to a close we’re heavy in his discovery about the weaknesses of the titans and a flashback and learning about Angel.

In Summary
Kuklo is one of those leads that seems to be immune to the worst that the world throws at him. His persistence and determination stem from nowhere, and his lack of desire for revenge against those that wronged him is astounding. Currently, he’s a bit too flawless. I find myself more interested in the world building and the original hero Angel. I do wonder how much of this story was set by the original author. I have to assume that the facts here are accurate, about the origin of fighting titans with the maneuvering gear and the other equipment. This volume feels important for fans of the series at large in developing the background of the Corps, and that’s enough to keep me invested.


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