[Manga Review] Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 3

What They Say

Kuklo left the walls behind for one reason: To see a Titan for himself, and eventually banish the uncertainties that have dogged him about his own humanity. Not everything has gone according to plan, although that assignment has been executed. Now Kuklo is from a 10-meter-category Titan on the run with the Survey Corps. But it soon becomes clear to Commander and Kuklo Pikale that they have no chance. They’ll need to fight to live!

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This whole volume picks up right where the previous left off, as Kuklo sinks his dagger into the titan’s eye. What follows is one long fight and getaway scene which extends most of the volume, leaving few instants after the group returns decimated and shaken to the city.

The artist for this spin off side story does have a better grip of human anatomy than Isayama, but with the battle being largely speed lines and sections of bodies doesn’t alter much of the overall feel. The embarrassing humor that takes place unintentionally and deliberately in the work that is original is lost in this prequel. There is absolutely no black humor in this life or death battle, only the drive to endure.

I had forgotten from the preceding volume that Kuklo’s source and character design that was revamped have turned him into Bowels junior. When does a homage quit being a gesture of endearment and the symbol of the creatively bankrupt? It it wasn’t Attack on Titan we were dealing with here than I’d probably be crying my head off about who authorized this Gary Stu bit of alternate universe fanfiction. But let’s face it, Attack on Titan isn’t a work of high art, it’s marketing and riding high on it’s novelty. We’re just here to watch people get eaten, and that happens a lot in this volume.


While Kuklo does invincible lead amounts are reached by n’t here, he does manage to come up with the idea to buy him and the Captain time. There’s nothing more eye rolling than a kid saving the day, so I’m grateful Kuklo isn’t going from zero to hero on will alone. He doesn’t, although I also anticipated that Kuklo was going to escape to the city upon return. The military police tracked him down, and he stands accused of murdering the Inocencio family. Carlo hands him around, and Kuklo doesn’t put up a resistance. Carlo spots Sharle in the crowd, and is perceptive. He and the young woman after meet to get the back story on what occurred… while Kuklo is a tortured prisoner.

The most surprising moment of all this is I had supposed Kuklo was going to be the inventor of the gear that is steering. Carlo brings up in his assignment report at the end of at least an image of it, or the volume the equipment existed. They foreshadow that Kuklo is going to recover it, although he doesn’t have it.

In Overview
This volume is almost nothing but one long titan challenge, one where the survey corps can’t achieve much. It’s nothing we haven’t seen in this franchise. Between the speed lines and the gore is a slow bond between the desperate. Carlo understands the place of the only weak spot on a titan, but their trip was interrupted by Kuklo’s interference and then it becomes a scramble just to survive. Kuklo has one thing going for him, he’s brave to the point of dumb and blessed to be living. Considering rage and anxiety overcame half the survey corps during this first foray Carlo could use more guys like his stowaway. Carlo and Sharle are going to have a fight on their hands if they wish to rescue the young, brave would-be warrior.


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